Unprofessional, rude and a fraud - Digisol Solutions - Anslem Shadenyi


I found a company online called 'digisol solutions' to facilitate a project i have coming this summer for our local football team.

We started talking and he referred me to his website;http://www.digisolsolutions.com/

Shortly after viewing this website (baring in mind this guy offers his 'clients' website design) i realised that on one of the pages, it said 'powered by weebly'. My son done his research and quickly found the same TEMPLATE this crook Anslem was using for his web page. He's a *** artist.

Nevertheless, once i confronted him about this he got very defensive (as you would if you were caught red handed selling someone a full service you have no idea about) and rudely finished the conversation.

I've never wrote a bad review in my life, but realising this man Anslem Shadenyi is likely conning people everywhere i feel i'd be irresponsible to not report.

I've attached a picture of this crook for your reference.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from May 07, 2014.

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